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Sunday, 23 June

The Industrial Development Division (IDD) supports industrial development capacity; Promote entrepreneurship; and Promoting and Developing SMI Products and SME Services.


To become one of the outstanding providers of SMI products and SME services.


Industrial Development division is committed to providing tested products and services of high quality to its customers in the Solomon Islands and to improve the industrial businesses to be environmentally friendly. We will lead our customers in sourcing appropriate technologies and to improve IDD technology capacity and abilities. We will operate at the highest level of ethics and in compliance with Public Service values. We will strongly pursue financial support for quality product and service developments and see it grow steadily in the future. We are committed to maintaining high level of competence in our duties and seriously address staff development programs and staff welfare services.

  • To support industrial development capacity;
  • Promote entrepreneurship; and
  • Promoting and Developing SMI Products and SME Services
Core Functions
  • Administer and Coordinate development of Economic Growth Centre (EGC) in the Country
  • Organize and provide industrial skill training for MSME’s Capacity building in value added industries
  • Provide Technical Assistance MSME(s) in area of food industries as part of the Government programs to Promote to Local food Industries.
  • Review existing financial mechanisms and formulate the proposed SME Bank.
  • Establish a taskforce to review, evaluate and improve existing and new policies and legislations that will increase the opportunities for more business activities in SI.
  • Allocate adequate technical and financial resources for SME growth and development by indigenous Solomon Islands.
  • Improve and diversify manufacturer sector to address supply constraints in order to benefits from trade and economic arrangement Solomon Islands is party
  • Implement Government’s policy on Commercial Infrastructures and industrial infrastructure development projects
  • Provide technical assistance to food manufacturing using local materials inputs.
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