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Headquarter and Corporate Services
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Sunday, 23 June

The Headquarter and Corporate Services Division is the Division responsible for all administrative and corporative service functions of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration. The Division is also responsible for managing and all of the Ministry’s finances in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury’s requirements. 


To be recognized as the main provider of support services in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour & Immigration.


The Administration and Accounts Division will provide vibrant, effective and efficient supporting services to the Ministry’s technical divisions to enable them to implement their planned activities. In doing so, the division will ensure that the required technologies are in place to speed up work of these divisions. While fulfilling our mandated responsibilities, we will ensure that the environment is customer friendly for the enjoyment of our clients, both internally and externally. We are committed to pursue recruitment of the right number of employees for the whole Ministry, including our division, and to ensure they are well taken care of. While finance may be an issue, expenditures will be monitored against the allocations made in the Ministry’s annual budget. We believe that since we are serving the government of the day, its interests are of paramount importance over any other interests in this Ministry.

Core Functions

The core functions of this division are:


  • Responsible for providing effective and efficient supporting corporate services to the entire ministry
  • Administers the implementation of government policies within the ministry and ensures that respective divisions have the necessary logistical support to produce the desired results
  • Coordinates the preparation of the ministry’s establishment with the Ministry of Public Service
  • Ensures that the provisions of the General Orders and necessary disciplines are adhered to and enforced
  • Administers staff promotions, disciplines, probations, confirmation, and other necessary welfare of officers
  • Administers all planning matters pertaining to the Ministry and ensures proper linkages with relevant stakeholders are consistently maintained.


  • Responsible for providing effective and efficient accountability and transparency in compliance with relevant SI Laws, Accounting Practices including the proper application of the Financial Instruments, General Orders, and Stores Requisition
  • Responsible for the processing and control of all source documents and records relating to transactions of a financial nature
  • Liaise with Ministry of Finance & Treasury, Budget Unit, and External Audit on financial management matters and other relevant matters with government departments and statutory bodies.

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