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Wednesday, 19 June

There are a number of update options for Business Names that owners should be aware of.

Maintain a Business Name’s details

You are required to update Company Haus when you change details of your business name registration. Details on how to do this can be accessed through the Company Haus’ Business Registry website 

Business Name Return

Every two years every business name owner must submit a return.  This return confirms key details of your registration, and lets Company Haus know if you are still operating. There is NO FEE for a return.  However, if you fail to submit your return, your business name may be removed from the register 6 months from the due month of the return.

To restore a removed business name, you will have to pay SBD 150 and provided your outstanding return.

Remove a Business Name

A business name is removed from the Solomon Islands register when the status of the business name is changed to ‘removed’ on the register. There are a number of reasons for the removal of a Business Name from the registry.

You can find out more about these reasons by visiting the Business Registry website

Restore a Business Name

Business names that have been removed from the register for any reason specified under the Business Names Act 2014, must apply to have the business name restored to the register.  The cost is SBD 150. More information on how to do this can be found on the Business Registry website.