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Sunday, 07 March

From 1st – 4th of May 2017 the Trade Disputes Panel (TDP) carried out an awareness at GPPOL in relation to the roles and the functions of the office of the Trade Disputes Panel.

All of the officers of the TDP took part in the Awareness, which they left for at 4:30pm each day, including the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman.

The Awareness started at around 7:30pm every day and was conducted at Ngalibiu (GPPOL 1), Tetere (GPPOL 2), Mbalasuna (GPPOL 3) and Okea Station.

The awareness was an eye-opener and resulted in lively interactions with a lot of questions from the audience. Generally the feedback was related to employer and employee rights.

It was confirmed to the TDP that at Mbalasuna GPPOL 3 that the wives of 15 terminated male plantation workers were also terminated as a result of theirs husbands' termination. All terminated workers have since been reinstated by the company.

The TDP is planning to visit major companies in Honiara and to cover some provinces before the end of 2017.