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Temotu Province

Map of Temotu Province

Temotu Province is the far east of the country. It comprises some large islands such as the Santa Cruz Islands, which host the Provincial centre Lata, serviced by Solomon Airlines, and some other island groups including the Reef Islands, Duff Islands and the remote Polynesian islands of Tikopea and Anuta.


Low tide on the reef, Temotu Province. (1)

The small 3.5-km-wide island of Tinakula is the exposed summit of a massive stratovolcano that rises 3-4 km from the sea floor at the NW end of the Santa Cruz islands. Tinakula resembles Stromboli volcano in containing a breached summit crater that extends from the 851-m-high summit to below sea level. Landslides enlarged this scarp in 1965, creating an embayment on the NW coast.


Tikopea, Polynesian island in the far east of the Province. (1)

The satellitic cone of Mendana is located on the SE side. Tinakula has frequently been observed in eruption since the era of Spanish exploration began in 1595. In about 1840, an explosive eruption apparently produced pyroclastic flows that swept all sides of the island, killing its inhabitants. Frequent historical eruptions have originated from a cone constructed within the large breached crater. These have left the upper flanks of the volcano and the steep apron of lava flows and volcaniclastic debris within the breach unvegetated. (From the Global Volcanism Report)

M.V. Southern Cross, the inter-island ferry arriving in Temotu Province. (1)


Tikopean Dance Troupe performing in Honiara.(2)

More information will be added here soon about Temotu Province.

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Slide show of a field trip to Temotu Province by members of the Australian Museum, 1998

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Maps courtesy of Bob Vincent, Eddie Kakai and Mick Saunders of The Map Factory, Census Office

Photographs by:

  1. Richard Majchrzak
  2. David Leeming


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