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Malaita Province

Map of Malaita Province

In the central lagoon on the Polynesian outlier, Sikaiana Island. (1)

Malaita Province is one of the most populous and developed of the Solomon Islands' Provinces. It consists of the main island of Malaita, home to many tribes of Melanesian peoples with many different language groups and customs, South Malaita island, and the two remote Polynesian atolls of Sikaiana and Ontong Java (or Lord Howe) to the east and far north, respectively. The Provincial capital is Auki, serviced by daily flights by Solomon Airlines and also a good shipping service.

Children playing in the lagoon, Auki.(2)

  A new Solomon Airlines service has started from Honiara to the far northern atoll of Ontong Java. There are many good lodges and guesthouses in Auki such as the Auki Lodge and Solomon Village Stay has locations here for visitors wishing to explore into the interior and stay in kastom villages to really experience the way of life. GTS Travel can arrange day trips to Kastom villages with a feast, etc.

Auki Lodge can arrange tours to Langa Langa and Lau Lagoons and other destinations:

Adagege, an artificial island in Lau Lagoon, North Malaita. (1)

A one-hour motorised canoe ride from Auki will take you back in time to see and experience century old cultures of the seafaring people of the Langa Langa Lagoon. Here, on small man-made coral islands, little has changed over the centuries for these people who worship sharks as their deity. The skillful seafaring people of Langa Langa Lagoon have since been able to travel through to the 21st century, whilst embracing their rich and unique cultural heritage. Although Christianity has in many ways influenced their lives, it is generally practiced in tandem with their centuries old beliefs and traditions. The friendly and hospitable people are always proud to show visitors their traditional warriors' welcome dances, the ancient art of making shell-money and performances of witch doctor rituals, custom fortune telling and their ancestral skull shrines.

Lau Lagoon, North Malaita. (1)

A three-hour motorised canoe ride from Auki will take you to Lau Lagoon. There, on the opposite side to the Langa Langa Lagoon people, north-east Malaita, live another tribe of seafaring people. Similar to the Langa Langa, the Lau also dwell on artificial islands built from coral blocks gathered from the reefs hundreds of years ago. About 30km long, the Lau Lagoon contains more than sixty artificial islands stretching from the shallowsbetween Uruuru and Maana'oba to Lolowai, the north southerly artificial land form. Like the Langa Langa people, some are still animist or pagan and have a strong history of shark worshipping especially on Funaafou Island.

Wedding celebrations. (2)

On one fine example of a man-made island, Ferasubua Village is situated at the eastern tip of the great Lau Lagoon a few nautical miles from the Ataa Cove. It has a legend of being founded and built by an old warrior called Marukua from the Walo tribe of the Morodo Clan up the island of Malaita. Following the migration of this great warrior, many tribesmen followed suit and the island then grew to become a village for many years. The advent of Christianity in the 1900's saw the once hostile and pagan village turned into a peace-loving community.

Narasirato Pan Pipe Group, Malaita. (1)

Malaita is the most populated island in the Solomons, and there are many development opportunities. A new port is to be built at Bina Harbour, and new industry is expected to spring up around this. Mineral resources including diamonds have been identified recently. For more information contact the Malaita Development Authority. 

Malaita Pan Pipers are world famous with their music and custom dancing. You can see regular performances in Honiara and at other times elsewhere.

SIDT is running a Conservation in Development Programme including coral farming in Malaita.

More information will be added here soon about Malaita Province.

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Maps courtesy of Bob Vincent, Eddie Kakai and Mick Saunders of The Map Factory, Census Office Ontong Java and Sikaiana not shown.

Photographs by:

  1. Richard Majchrzak
  2. Sophie Kavoukis


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